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Tiger Gadgets/Widgets

One of the interesting new features of the forthcoming revision of Mac OS X, is of course the Dashboard widgets. Sorry, gadgets. As we all know, they are not a rip-off of Konfabulator, but rather a 21 century implementation of Desktop Accessories. And combined with Exposé you have a killer combination. One of the most interesting things about these new gadgets are that they are actually small web pages rendered with the built in Web-kit, their functionality coming from JavaScript. That means that everyone with some knowledge of JavaScript or even a lowly web-designer (like me) can write fully featured Mac OS X apps. Now that’s pretty cool.

What’s even cooler is that I was able to extract the gadgets that came with the WWDC-preview and make them available for you. Right here, right now. On the web. Read on…

Well, so the Address Book doesn’t retreive neither yours or my addresses (thank Bob!) and you can’t actually write any stickie notes. In fact, you can’t even change your iTunes track. In fact any interaction with your computer is thankfully securely out of the gadget engine it appears. That doesn’t stop you from using the Calculator, Calendar or even the Tile Game though. All of which are mighty cool if you ask me. So without further ado I present to you: The Tiger Gadgets (cool ripple effects and 3d-flipping not included):

So there you have it. Well, at least until I’m slapped with a cease or desist or something. Gadgets are of course much cooler when used on the actual Dashboard (as demonstrated here), so you and me are both going to pay for that upgrade next year aren’t we?

Update 3: What took them so long? While I’m pretty sure that just linking to the gadgets externally and not hosting them myself is legal (otherwise about 200 of you should receive one too), I’ll respect Apple’s request and remove the links. I hope you enjoyed them while they lasted, and that you were inspired to start writing your own so that there’s plenty of new and exciting widgets come the release of Tiger!
Update 2: External mirror up, thanks to Andrew! World Clock (the bandwidthsucker) excluded.
Update: Ooops, looks like I became way too popular. My logs have broken down and I’ve way exceeded my alloted bandwidth for this month (as you can see), and it’s only two days in to it. It should have been an “Gadget removed by request from Apple Legal here”, but (un)fortunally it never got that far. Hope you enjoyed this little Dashboard-preview though. - Erik
Data og teknologi / En | torsdag 1. jul 2004, 00:29

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Woo, thanks for the look!

And that Javascript code is _very_ impressive (at least for me, a very basic js developer, if I can even call myself that). Looking forward to having hundreds of gadgets available when Tiger ships, too :)

Vennlig hilsen Eivind, 1. juli, 2004 12:12

Odd. The 'functioning ones' only appear to be working in Safari. World clock even requires Safari 2.0 for it's clock hands it seems.

Vennlig hilsen Erik K. Veland, 1. juli, 2004 13:01

Um, you do realize that you are in violation of your license agreement, right? Considering that you're not even anonymously posting these gadgets, you could be in legal trouble for this.

Vennlig hilsen , 1. juli, 2004 21:09

What about the stock quote gadget?

Vennlig hilsen , 2. juli, 2004 01:01

It's not in the WWDC-build.

Vennlig hilsen Erik K. Veland, 2. juli, 2004 01:01

I don't appreciate that you're violating your NDA, copyright law, etc. in posting these. It's folks like you that lead to annoying or counter-productive limits on the things developers are allowed to do.

Vennlig hilsen Erik J. Barzeski, 2. juli, 2004 14:02

I appreciate your concern. Though I'm not under any NDA, I will happily oblige to any official request for their removal.

The reason for posting them are not for "spreading warez" or any of that crap, it's simply an answer to real public concerns about the safety measures built into the gadgets, and of course to inspire future gadget writers who can't afford the cost associated with attending the WWDC.

Vennlig hilsen Erik K. Veland, 2. juli, 2004 14:02

That's ridiculous.

Vennlig hilsen Erik J. Barzeski, 2. juli, 2004 14:02

So are one line ad hominem attacks.

Vennlig hilsen Erik K. Veland, 2. juli, 2004 14:02

Copyright © 2004, Apple Computer, Inc. All rights reserved.

Vennlig hilsen Erik J. Barzeski, 2. juli, 2004 15:03

Just randomly change some CSS selectors around :-)

Vennlig hilsen , 2. juli, 2004 15:03

Stop pretending you're an Apple-representative, you are only making a fool of yourself.

Vennlig hilsen Erik K. Veland, 2. juli, 2004 15:03

Erik, sadly, I think that honor falls squarely on your shoulders. Good luck with the whole "law breaking" thing.

Vennlig hilsen Erik J. Barzeski, 2. juli, 2004 15:03

Thanks for that highly informative link mr. Anonymous. He who casts the first stone, etc.


Vennlig hilsen Erik K. Veland, 2. juli, 2004 15:03

Thanks namebrother, I'll keep that in mind when not losing sleep over it tonight :D

Vennlig hilsen Erik K. Veland, 2. juli, 2004 15:03

An "an hominem" attack would be "you little fucker" not "you're ruining this for the rest of us." The former is opinion, the latter defendable fact.

Oh, and you're ruining this for the rest of us. Please dismiss them.

Vennlig hilsen codepoet, 2. juli, 2004 16:04

Dismiss who?

The gadgets have been put offline this month, bandwidth went through the roof. It seems especially world clock's little hands had to be loaded each time. Should have caught that beforehand :)

Anyways, I hope everyone had a nice little look at the future and got inspired to do their own though.

Vennlig hilsen Erik K. Veland, 2. juli, 2004 16:04

And we have a mirror. That was fast :)

Vennlig hilsen Erik K. Veland, 2. juli, 2004 17:05

If you didn't get them from the WWDC build, where exactly did you get them?

Vennlig hilsen Tom, 3. juli, 2004 00:12

You really might want to consider not even linking to them at their new site. In fact, you probably want to distance yourself from any leaked materials at all, much less be the one to leak them.

Just some (unofficial) advice.

Vennlig hilsen Charles F., 3. juli, 2004 06:06

It would be great if you could make a simple manual how to make them ourselfs, as it seems very simple, but i can't find how to do it...


Vennlig hilsen Bart, 3. juli, 2004 17:05

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